Beach Essentials

Englewood Beach
Being from New England I never would have thought there could ever have been a perfect beach day in November. I am so lucky to have such a relaxing spot for me to pour out my brain & put it back together into an order that actually makes some kind of sense. Everything seems to slow right down to the consistent sound of the waves breaking so peacefully. While I was out there, I was able to put together a little list together of what I have learned to bring for beach day everytime.

The Basic Must Haves
1. Sunblock. I scare myself everytime because what I have been using isn’t water or sweat proof & that Florida sun gets HOT. You WILL need to get into the water if you plan on being there for a while, unless you enjoy the tickle of your own nasty sweat everywhere. Unless you are asking for a kind of pain that hurts everywhere & everything makes it worse, sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!!
2. Bring two towels instead of one. Use one to lay out on, & the other to dry off on. TRUST ME. You will prefer to have two, because drying off with a sandy towel just to rinse off again is completely illogical.
3. Shoes. I learned this the hard way. Flip-flops are for sunshiney weather, yes. For the beach? Absolutely not. Why? Because you’ve just rinsed yourself off, the sand is too hot to walk across, & your flip-flops are flicking sand up the back of your legs & into your shorts. Not fun. Make sure your sandals strap your feet in.
4. Water. As I’ve said earlier, that Florida sun gets HOT. Stay hydrated! Plus, if you come prepared, you don’t have to leave & come back four times. I usually half fill my Nalgene bottle & freeze it the night before, & fill the rest with water before I leave. It doesn’t stay cool all day, but it’s better than nothing!
5. Bring an extra pair of underware. Just trust me on this one.

Other things you might like to consider having:
A ziplock bag or jar, for collecting sharks teeth & pretty shells. A sheet comes in handy. If you put your layout towel ontop of the sheet, you track less sand onto it. Sunglasses prevent the need of wearing a tee-shirt over your face while trying to tan your front side. A low sitting chair is nice to get your front too. A hat or a visor never can hurt, or an umbrella for a little extra shade. I personally enjoy having my long sleeve button down because it can get breezy from time to time, or when the sun gets blocked by a cloud. Maybe this is just my own odd opinion but I absolutely fricking hate the wind. I kick myself everytime for not having yet invested into a cheap pair of goggles to go find those sand dollars, & a camera is always nice to have because you never know when a dolphin will surface in the water or something cool passing by like a big boat with a parasail. Last but not least, I always like bringing a little snack, like an apple. It just makes me feel a little better after a sunny beach nap.

Luckily, my great grandparents live across the street if I ever forget anything, which, I usually do.



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