Meet Layla!!

Thursday night, one of Joey’s buddies came over & asked us how the dog search was going. I wasn’t really sure why he brought it up since we put our search to rest about two months ago when we got sent away from three different shelters. He had said to us that there was a listing on a swap or sell page for a pair of blue nose pit bulls. Immediately I had to check it out. I wanted a pit bull more than anything, & I was not going to settle for anything less. I contacted the lady the very next day & she basically told me to come over & pick one out; hassle free.Layla

From what we can tell, the people who were taking care of her before have done a really good job with her. She’s such a sweet little girl, & she already knows that she is supposed to let somebody know when she has to go potty. We’ve had her since Friday night, & haven’t had any accidents in the house since 2 a.m. Saturday morning. I think we’re off to a good start with the potty training, but the chewing, oh jeez, I can tell right now is going to be a long & painful process. Today will be the first time that she is left home all by herself in her puppy palace (huge crate) while I’m at work. Thankfully, it will only be four hours as opposed to eight, but I’m still a little nervous. Of course I’m expecting pee spots, I just hope she doesn’t panic or whine the entire time; I feel bad thinking about it. But we will see how it goes & hopefully her toys will keep her entertained while I’m gone. Maybe I should take her for a little run before hand to ensure at least an hour long nap!


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