Good Stuff!

It’s been a great week! I’m slowly figuring out WordPress the more I go, just realized creating subpages was easier than I thought! I’ve had to back off a little bit this week though because we have so much going on, trying to keep the puppy out of trouble, & visiting family. But now that I’ve gotten a chance to breath, I can continue moving my stuff here since I now know how to create subpages! Baha! I know it’s really not that big of a deal, but now that I know, it’s going to make the transfer soo much easier! Going to be working on the ‘recipes’ page for the next couple of days, & I’ll be hoping I will have my new recipe up Saturday night.

Nan & I went out to lunch yesterday at Lock’n Key for pulled pork nachos. As always, it was delicious & we had to send pics to the family for our bragging rights. Also, we made a solid attempt for a scavenger hunt, until her iPhone decided to not be so smart, & mine flat out died. The app is called Shopkick, apparently you earn points for either walking into a store or using the camera on your phone to scan items for points. Eventually, you can trade in the points for gift cards & such, but I don’t think that we got very far. I wish we would have thought about trying the app last week when we went shopping! My Nan is leaving today, & we kind of had fun trying to learn how to make the app work. Not going to be so fun by myself. You would think working at the mall, I’d be on top of it by now but I’ve only just started to figure it out. Going to try & remember today after work to score some points & hopefully redeem a gift card to Target. Is that pathetic? Because anything free sounds pretty good to me!


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