Who Would Have Thought?

I knew that getting a puppy was going to be a lot of work, time & patience. I thought though, that I’d be adopting a six month old from the shelter that may already know a thing or two. Because I’ve been turned away from so many shelters, I obviously stopped looking for a dog; until Layla basically fell into my lap. It still blows my mind how freaking cute she is, but I guess I didn’t realize that I was literally starting from scratch. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad we have her! I absolutely love her company, & she makes the long days without a social life go by so much faster. I like that I don’t need to make sense to her, as she has no clue what I’m saying anyways, except “no!”, she’s starting to understand that one. But this insomniac has finally found the solution to her sleeping problem that’s for sure! I’m constantly following her around the house, trying to prevent any unwanted chewing & peeing, & keeping her entertained all day is some hard work & I am exhausted! We’ve had her for a solid week now, & it seems that we’re all getting more used to each other, but also seems as if she tests her limits too. She’s pretty good about letting us know when she needs to go outside, except mumma caught her peeing into her sacred pink converse today. Suddenly she’s not quite as cute. Layla SnugglesHa! Yeah right! Look at that face! Let’s see, we have “sit” mastered, & finally, she’s starting to comprehend “come” or “come’ere”. I literally just got her to “shake paw” for the very first time 3 minutes ago, & I couldn’t be more proud, lol. I think we’ve started off on the right foot here, nipping the bad puppy habits & creating some good ones. She’ll be a good girl, she just needs a good teacher, which I’m working on & I’ve been getting some great tips, advice, & reassurance from my fabulous Auntie, pro dog trainer.
p.s. I know that it’s Saturday & that I have completely forgotten about posting a recipe. My bad! I’m just going to have to make up for it ASAP with a dessert.


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