Back To Square.. -2?

I thought we were a step ahead in potty training. Apparently I was wrong. I open the door & she walks right past it & onto the carpet. The only thing we’ve done differently, is set up a stake into the ground with a 25 foot cord to hook her up to so that I don’t have to stand outside in the itchy Florida grass for an hour & twenty minutes every time she has to potty. Five “accidents” today. FIVE. That’s not counting what happened while she was home with her daddy; he only reported one. So not impressed considering I’ve had the door open to the lenai, she could have peed on the concrete! But no, it had to be on the carpet of course. Not even on the kitchen tile. I thought she knew what “let’s go potty” meant by now considering it’s been a week & a half since we’ve gotten her, & at least 4 days since we’ve had an accident, except the incident with my converse. I know that was no accident. I don’t get it! We were doing so well! FIVE TIMES!! I had her on that hitch for twenty minute periods probably with an hour between each. She had plenty of time to do her business & then some. Maybe my timing was just off today? My mind is blown right now & to be honest, I’m quite pissed off. I guess she’s not quite old enough for her hitch yet & her mumma is going to have to continue taking her out on the leash for a while longer. I though I was being nice hooking her up outside so she could play in the grass, but instead she immediately comes INSIDE to potty. Arghh! I am so frustrated! Tomorrow will be a new day, & we’re going to aim for ZERO potty accidents. I need to teach her to “speak” too, that way I can get her to bark when she needs to go out. Any potty training tips? I’m apparently going to need all the help I can get.
>:( wahhhh!!!!


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