Haven’t really been around here much to be honest. I’ve been scavenging Pinterest for tips on how to create & personalize pages the way that I want to, & I’m pretty discouraged that WordPress doesn’t really allow me to do that. Unless I pay for a premium plan, & still pay for additional themes & such. I don’t want a theme. I want to create my own, & I’m not advanced enough in HTML to entirely write my own. I’ve been viewing a lot of other blogs, & I want mine to be pretty just like theirs. Maybe someday after I can afford a graphic designer or graphic design school. Also I was looking up how much it would be to purchase my own domain, & I think I am going to do it! For a year, I can buy alexxasays.com for 99c, & then add years as they go by for like $9. Doesn’t sound too crazy to me, unlike the premium packages to all of these hosts, when if I had the access to the codes I could do it myself..

On another note, I’m behind in recipes, I know this. Last night I put a meal together, that I was actually impressed with, considering I just, do, not, cook. Bahh!! Also, I was at Target yesterday, & I was considering buying a couple of fancy plates to display this stuff on. I really should have just done it, lol, because lets face it, my recipe pictures kind of suck. But anyways, this one is for Cavatappi Pasta Salad. It just sounded so good to me lately, & I’ve done a few internet searches for how to put it together, & none of the ingredients really sounded right compared to how my aunt used to make it. So of course, I bugged the crap out of her again to send me the info on HER ingredient list. She claims that she doesn’t have a recipe, & that she had to recreate it from a locally owned restaurant called EVO, which actually closed down probably close to ten years ago now. So this is originally EVO’s version of Cavatappi Pasta Salad (minus the red peppers, they used sun dried tomatoes), & the only one I seem to really enjoy!

Ingredients Used
Corkscrew Noodles
Balsamic Vinegar
Jar of Marinated Roasted Red Peppers in Olive Oil
Fetta Cheese
Black Olives

Step 1. Cook the noodles.
Step 2. While noodles are cooling, drain the olive oil from the red peppers into the noodles & stir so that they do not stick together.
Step 3. Slice up the red peppers & the black olives into smaller chunks & stir into the pasta.
Step 4. Add balsamic vinegar & stir until all the noodles are tinted a light brownish color.
Step 5. Crumble fetta cheese over the pasta salad & stir so there’s little chunks of the cheese in every bite. Serve as a side dish & enjoy!
Cavatappi Salad
What’s also great about this side dish? The specific trip to the grocery store to make this was less than $15 & I’m going to be eating Cavatappi Salad for days. Also, my boyfriend could handle the trip to the store with the list all by himself.



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