Strange Day

All in all, today was the weirdest day. Ever hate something so freaking much, that you feel like your head is going to explode, but when you realize the truth about it, it seems like the hardest slap in the face? I feel like I’ve turned into the type of person that I’ve always tried to run away from, but at the same time, my eyes are wide open & I can see beyond my original opinion. I need to refocus my brain on what’s important, & create a life around my own values, & NOT somebody else’s. Ever read “The Secret”? I think I should invest some of my time into a reread, because I remember how truly inspiring it was, but I’ve completely fallen off of the track I was on. Any who, it’s time to move on, let go, & get over it. Just need to find a different sense of security, something solid, enjoyable, & consistent. That’s all I want. Knowing I’m doing something correctly without the rules changing on me. Maybe something with an incentive boost? Yes, I may be holding a secret, but you know how the saying goes. I don’t want to start counting chickens quite yet, but I’m definitely staying positive! Thanks for all the follows BTW!!! There’s been such a noticeable difference today, it could almost be comparable to an adrenaline rush! I updated & tweaked the layout a little bit, & I think I have found a way that I can add a few more personal touches to settle my customization aspiration. For now anyways. Adding my first poll here, so that’s also pretty exciting! Please participate, because I’m already prepping for a post for next week. Here I go, counting chickens..


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