So I’ve finally found them. It took two weeks but I have found exactly the answers that I have been looking for regarding domains, hosting, programs, & even estimates on pricing. I am so excited, & I cannot wait until I have a little extra to invest into my newly found hobby, & take my blog to a slightly higher level. Then hopefully, once I have everything set up precisely the way I want it, I will be more comfortable promoting & sharing with others. Also, it will be so much easier for my family to find after I have my .com, & I will not have to bounce back & forth between free hosting sites to find out which one I like better. I’m putting up a few external links here for the first time (also exciting) to show you the couple of blogs that have answered the questions I have had from the beginning. I have miraculously found all of these pages on Pinterest, & you can bet that I have saved each of them on my own personal boards for future reference!

Page One

I was so confused as to why I could not install WordPress to my computer. I have it downloaded into zip files, but this page has helped me understand what I’ve been missing, & what I need before I begin making this more of a reality. Especially when it comes to creating the page that I WANT & not what I am limited to. Big thanks to Lisa at Elembee for all of your help explaining the details that I have been looking for & adding your opinions & personal experiences with the providers that you’ve tried! :)

Page Two

This one here lists step by step how to accomplish what I have learned from that first link. She made it sound so easy, & has given me a basic idea on the packages I would need to purchase, & about how much I should save up to make it happen. Also, she has given me options & tells us how to save a few bucks in the process. So another big thank you to Michelle at Making Sense of Cents! You have been so helpful! :)

Page Three

This blog here I am posting for a completely different reason. It is truly INSPIRING when I think of how I want my page to look to viewers! The set up & the content is PHENOMENAL! I hope that once my ducks are lined up, my site will be at least HALF as beautiful, & she has a lot of blogging tips within her site, as well as coding, HTML, & design information. I will definitely be referring to this page again & again as I am building & designing, which I totally cannot wait for. Thank you Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars for you’re inspiring designs, & you may have a potential client here in the future.

All in all, ladies, you have truly been an inspiration to me & have helped SO MUCH once I have stumbled upon your pages. Your blog layouts are PERFECT & I hope that sometime in the near future, I will have my own beautiful page, although I’m sure I won’t quite be up to your par, but I promise that I will try like hell to come as close as I can! If there is any chance that you ladies track the link back to this post, please keep in mind that I have been blogging for like 3 weeks & that I am still learning the basics daily.



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