ThanksgivingSo I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!! This was my third Thanksgiving away from home, & I am very thankful to my friend Brenda here in Florida, who has invited me to join them for their family get-together back in 2012, which has influenced my decision to move here full-time. We went to Joey’s parent’s place for our dinner this year, & his mother’s decorative arrangement is always beautiful & flawless. No, the picture above is NOT out of a magazine, & I really need to work on my photography skills so that I can really capture the perfection here. Layla & TikaWe brought Layla with us so that she could meet her fur cousins for the first time, & I’m thankful that the three of them got along so well. Tika (Joey’s sister’s fur baby; to the right with Layla) loved playing with the little baby, & Alice (his parent’s fur baby) wasn’t quite sure what to think of her! Wish I could have gotten a picture of all three of them, but I couldn’t catch Alice holding still long enough. Tika already knew the photo shoot drill! It was funny, she has her magazine pose perfected! Also, I am thankful that I have gotten the chance to connect with Jen (Joey’s sister) about WordPress & how much I really can do with the program. She has settled a lot of my worry about getting the page that I want & the limitless features I would be able to use to personalize & create the perfect layout. She has just been so inspiring & helpful, & has also given me a lot of insight on how to edit my pictures as well, which, I am definitely going to have to start working on VERY soon! Check out her fabulous page here!



One thought on “Thanksgiving

  1. Awww, what a sweet post! I love talking blog stuff + glad we have connected on the subject:-) Look how special Tika is posing with her cousin + poor Alice, she is too frantic to hold still for any photo shoots. Love having you as part of the family Alexxa!! xoxo

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