Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?!

congratsHave I ever mentioned how much I love Mondays? I know, sounds strange, but the best things happen to me on Mondays! I’ve had a job interview lined up for a position that I’ve been strongly considering for a while now, I just haven’t really tried to pursue actually getting it. So about two weeks ago, when I completed the online application, I’ve passed the automated systems requirements to schedule my own interview. Cool right? That’s never happened to me before. Usually I DREAD those online screening processes, so I was pretty excited. Well anyhow, my interview was Monday (yesterday), & I am happy to announce that all went well, & I’ve already been offered the position! Yayy!! Somehow, I feel like I just knew that I was going to get it, & I am confident that this position will be a great fit for me! No gray areas to be anxious about & detailed training process; exactly what I was looking for! Plus the normal hours will definitely be a plus; helloooo meal planning (: . This is the fourth job that I’ve gotten a job within hours of being interviewed in FL. The only four interviews that I’ve had. I am so happy!! On top of that, I had to work at my current job in the evening, but I came home to this lovely bouquet & a congratulations card! He is so nice to me & such a thoughtful person, I really shouldn’t be continuously surprised, but he keeps me on the edge of my seat! Also, I got a pretty new plate to put all of my recipe photos on, now I just need to cook something..



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