Girls Night!

girls night
Joey has taken off for the weekend (boo!) leaving the entire house for just Layla & I while he is out with the guys. They took off in the camper with their dirt bikes & headed to God knows where, so the first thing I did was treat myself to a little retail therapy. Just realized that I haven’t actually spent ANYTHING on myself since October, when I got my laptop. Clothes are a completely different story; other than hand me downs, it has been a longgg time since I’ve gotten myself new clothes. But I needed a couple of new outfits for my new job anyways, & I kind of hit the jackpot! Like I said, kind of. I’m super picky about EVERYTHING, so I gave myself a spending limit & ended up getting a complete outfit & a skirt that I’ll be able to pair with my blazer. Plus I even found a great gift for Joey! Baha! I’m so excited!

When I got home, I threw together a little dinner for myself. I was going for Hawaiian English muffin pizzas, but after I got home, I realized that the sandwich meat in my fridge was actually turkey & not ham. I did it anyways with the turkey, lol, & it wasn’t that bad, just slightly different, but still good. My new plate looks nice too! Nothing particularly fancy, but it looks wayyy better than the tinfoil, & I’m sure you all can agree!
turkey hawaiian
To top our night off, or to make it interesting, Layla got to try out her new puppy shampoo tonight. It would have been soo much easier if we had a tub, & I have wounds to prove that statement. But on the plus side, my cute little girl now smells like watermelon, her fur is super soft, & now that I think about it, she hasn’t been scratching since. I guess it was worth spending the extra $3 to help soothe my baby’s itchies, plus I was kind of being THAT materialistic dog mom wanting to buy the Pet Head brand. Time to end our night lovin’ on some Charlie Hunnam in the #FinalRide, sippin’ on moscato, & snuggles on the couch. Felt like a pretty accomplishing day!



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