Stitches 101

As I’ve mentioned in my last post (Girls Night!), I’ve treated myself to a little bit of retail therapy, purchasing myself an outfit for the new job. Let’s face it. Having an extra pair of dress pants never hurts for that just-in-case occasion. Being as short as I am, finding dress pants that fits me correctly is an absolute NIGHTMARE! Even short & petite sizes are at LEAST three inches too long. Go figure. If I were still living back home, I’d be walking up the hill, begging my Grammie for a favor; to fix the hem line of my new pants. Well, that’s kind of a long walk now, so last night I had to take matters into my own hands. Hehe.
 20141206_212700 (2)
This is a photo of what my stitches look like from the inside. I know that Grammie would say I’ve done a good job, but to any professional seamstress or tailor, this would probably look like a hack job, lol. But on the outside, the side that is exposed, you can’t even tell! I mean, if you REALLY look close to it, there’s a stitch here or there that is visible, but when I’m wearing them, I’m pretty sure no one would even notice. Let’s be honest here. If anyone feels the need to get into an uncomfortable position to stare at my hemline without a request for criticism or an opinion, they’re probably asking for a kick in the face anyways, am I right? Awkward..
20141206_223531 (2)
I found this little sewing kit randomly hanging around the house, & who would have thought that it has actually come in handy. At first, I was considering it as an experiment, but after I got half of the first pant leg done, I realized that it didn’t look half bad & didn’t have the heart to just stop. I needed it done anyways. I’m so proud of myself! But I’ll tell ya, I give my Grammies props; I just do not have the patience to do this more than it’s necessary!


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