Disappearing Time

Where has the week gone? Last week, I was able to consistently veg out & relax, doing my entire laptop routine daily. This week? When I actually had available time, I was unable to dedicate it to my beloved HP Split. I should name it, & yes, that is how much I love this piece of technology. Hadley? Considering my obsession for actress Olivia Wilde who plays Dr. Remy Hadley on my all time favorite T.V. series, House MD, I think it’s a perfect fit.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that random brain spill out of the way, back to the time that has seemed to escape my usual lifestyle habits. I have been leaving the house before the sun comes up, & getting back after the sun goes down, which doesn’t allow me much time to do my usual house routine on top of my computer stuff. Unless I don’t want to function the next day. But I have started full time training this week for my new position, & I definitely need a full functioning brain to retain all of the information being thrown at me. I have got to say though, this training process is AWESOME! To be trained so thoroughly provides me an unexplainable amount of relief & confidence that this position will be a perfect fit considering my personality & past experience. I think it’s safe to say I am going to miss the people I am training with when our two weeks together comes to an end, as none of them will be at my working location. I am growing more comfortable with them each day, & the relationships reminds me of my small scale high school; minus the drama.

Overall, it’s been a pretty accomplishing week. I’ve gotten all of my Christmas shopping done, except Joey’s last gift that I am so indecisive about. Everything has been wrapped, & the gifts going up north have been shipped. Plus, Layla has learned “lay down”. Still a little rusty, but we’ve been practicing. Just have a couple more things to check off my list; I got to get some photos printed for Christmas cards & get those mailed out. For the most part, I think that’s it, but I’m sure I’ll end up thinking of twenty more things to add to that list. It was almost too easy this year, I’ve got to be forgetting something. Although I will admit, we didn’t get to put up our Christmas tree, because Joey & I thought we would be moving. But I did get to plant my own. They had the spruce tree growing kit with the mini orange pot for a dollar at Target. How could I pass that up? But this is what we used in the house instead. Still pretty :)
20141220_122957Another random brain spill: I should go back to Michael’s & get some fancy ribbon to tie around the top of Layla’s treat jar..
How prepared were you for the holidays this year? Comment at the bottom to share!



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