Omg Shoes!

So I just had this entire post typed up, & I have no idea what happened to that auto save feature, but the ONE time I miss it the most, it isn’t working. So this post is retyped, & will probably not be anywhere near as “fresh” as it was about 6 minutes ago. Grrrr.
But yes, the title of my post is in reference to the YouTube video, “Shoes“, that was popular among the girl pre-teen crowd back when we were in, uhh middle school maybe. Grandparent warning: video is rather dumb, & contains vulgar language. Probably not as funny as we thought it was back 10 years ago.

If any of you reading this doesn’t know me, I have a ridiculous shoe problem, but I am, believe it or not, for the most part able to contain my addiction & only purchase if the price is more than reasonable. & I started a new job; that’s a perfect excuse for new shoes, right? I really should start a “Brag About It” page, & I’m sure I’d have more than a few contributors considering I’ve gotten my bargain hunting from somewhere. ;)

This first pair was absolutely perfect for my new position. Cute, classy, & professional looking, with a toe that’s not too pointy, & a heel that is actually practical. I’ll be able to wear these with just about everything! Anything with a hint of black or gray, pants or dresses & skirts. I really think this was a great find, especially since I only paid, like, $16 for them. For that price, I couldn’t pass it up. I needed them anyways! But what I’ve learned over the past week, panty hose makes your shoes seem bigger. Not literally, but they don’t keep your heel in place & we all no how annoying it is when you need to scrunch your toes all day to keep your shoes on. This next pair is way easier to keep on, & less painful as the day goes on.
Now I did spend a little bit more on this pair than I normally would, I’ll admit. I am not by any means materialistic, but $45 for a pair of Coach loafers? Not guilty! There was only three pairs left, & they were originally over $100, so I would still consider that reasonable, & I can wear these to work too. I’m probably limited to just pants with this pair, but I love them so much. I absolutely couldn’t pass them up, & they will be more comfortable than any pair of heels that I may be purchasing in the future.

On another note, Layla has also reached a couple more new milestones this week! She now knows “lay down”, although it hasn’t been shouted from the kitchen, or without a treat in my hand for that matter, but we’re still getting somewhere! But what I’m reeeeeallyyyy excited about; she woke me up in the middle of the night to let me know she has to potty. It was the first time that she actually let out a simple bark for the occasion, as opposed to wimpering & there being an accident in the house before I can even connect the fact that she may need to go out. I’m such a proud mommy!



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