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Basically, I found a few blogs that I enjoy, & their follow by email feature for some reason isn’t working correctly. I’ve created a Bloglovin account, so that I am able to follow along in the blog world. I was required to post the link above into a new post, & I’ve attempted multiple other options to claim my own blog on the site, even though this is how they have told me to do it. So obviously my other attempts have failed, so since this is how they have said it works, it better. :)

Anyways, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday! Christmas has become less hectic for me since I moved away, but I miss being able to visit everyone & hand deliver all of their gifts & witness them being opened. Sorry that not all of your gifts have been there on time, but I’m thinking of you all & I love & miss you so much! Also I want to thank you all for sending your love my way, making it just as special, as if I were there with you. I love how the holidays with my family still hasn’t changed, even after I have moved so far away. You all still make me feel like a little kid, & I absolutely love it. & I’m having the hardest time containing tears as I’m typing this, so I’m going to have to cut it short. It means so much & I think I feel guilty for not being there. Someday I will be in a position where requesting time off during the holiday’s isn’t completely unrealistic so I can join you all. I feel like I can’t thank you enough; I really do have the best family. Love you guys & I miss you all so much! Thanks again!



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