Irresistible Faces

My wonderful Aunt has just posted a video to my Facebook wall that has sparked the inspiration for this post. Pit bulls. Original bull baiting dogs were bred way back when to hold off large animals such as bulls & bears. Once baiting became illegal, people decided that these dogs needed to be faster, to create the entertainment of fighting these dogs against each other. So they were bred with a terrier breed & the pit bull was born. Since people used these dogs to fight each other, they have gotten their bad reputation of being dangerous & having a bad temperament; they have become a representation of masculine criminality.

Some dogs just can’t be around other dogs, but who is to say that this just goes for pit bulls? Before you judge a dog by its breed, consider their background. Where did they come from? What are the owners like? What kind of socialization did the dog have in it’s early years? A stray might have had to fight others to survive, to provide themselves something to eat on the streets, or may have been beaten if they didn’t perform or act the way that an owner thought they should have. Also, I understand if someone has had a terrifying experience, but this goes for ANY dog, let alone animal. Period.

I’ve had my fair share of scary experiences with mean dogs, not one of them do I recall being a pit bull, unless you’d count being drowned in slobber.  Let’s see, there was a boxer, a lab, & even a chihuahua. I’m sure the chihuahua wouldn’t have killed me, but still, an aggressive animal is an aggressive animal. On the other hand, how many times have you gotten scraped up by a cat? Cats are still very acceptable as house pets & we all know how some cats can be. A cat’s scratch can sometimes even require serious medical attention too. Ever hear of cellulitis? True story all from a “simple” cat scratch.


The first pit bull that I fell in love with, was a beagle mix, Daisey. I have never once seen any sort of aggression from her. We were room mates for the longest time, & I have NEVER met another dog like her. She hasn’t changed my opinion, because I didn’t have one before she joined the family. But I was immediately, irritated & curious as to why she might be considered “dangerous” when I learned the pit bull reputation. I don’t think she was capable of any harm, other than pushing you out of the bed. She’s rather a snuggle bug, who likes to take over the ENTIRE queen sized bed. But even if you pushed her all the way to the other side, she didn’t mind.


Anybody would be lucky to have a dog like Daisey. Whether she is pit bull or not, she is the sweetest, most loyal dog ever. Daisey is an old lady now, & when I visited last year, it nearly broke my heart to see how badly her joints affect her now. She was unable to get up onto the bed to snuggle like we used to. But Daisey has set the pit bull standard for me, & I can only hope that my baby, Layla, is a good girl like she is. I refused to get any other dog BUT a pit bull, just to prove that this is another incorrect judgment. This last picture was taken within two days of bringing my baby cousin home from the hospital. Such a sweet, good girl that Daisey is! I mean really, look at that irresistible face!


The factual information I have included in the post is from the ASPCA &


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