How Exhausting!

Layla & I have just woken up from a three hour nap; we’ve had quite the exciting day! It all started at 7:30 this morning when the coffee maker kept hollering my name, & Layla was already wide awake & ready to play. I had realized that it was going to be impossible to let her do her own thing after I caught her chewing on two different styles of flats, & found one of my Roxy slippers had been destroyed; I decided to give into the coffee maker & that little girl was to have my undivided attention. So we learned a new trick. I’m rather impressed at how well she caught on to “roll over” & I just tested her again an hour ago to make sure she didn’t forget our early morning lesson. My little girl is so smart, I love it! If only I could get her to “come here” when commanded. I don’t really understand why that one seems to be the most difficult one for her to grasp. Any tips on how to encourage this one?


When Joey finally woke up, after like, 10:30 or so, which usually NEVER happens, he was ready to get going off to his buddy’s track to ride. We’ve decided to bring Layla with us, & see how she would do in the fenced in property off her leash with another dog. Other than the one time that they got a little too close to the track for this mumma’s liking, I’d say she’s done really well. The other dog just wanted to play & play & play, & Layla just couldn’t catch a break! Poor little girl! The other dog was trying to teach Layla how to swim too, it was so cute. Layla didn’t quite trust the other dog though, so she didn’t really get far enough into the water to where she couldn’t touch & actually swim. Maybe we can take her to the beach one day & see how the swimming lessons go from there. & by the time we were ready to go, little girl was all played out, & my word, didn’t she need a bath! Dirt was caked right into her fur & harness! When we got home, she was too tired to even try to resist her bath, & thank God because I was too tired to wrestle with her! She’s still so tired that she doesn’t have the energy to jump up onto the bed or the couch all by herself right now. Hopefully her long nap wont have her up all night..


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