Any Plans?

This year I didn’t come up with a list of resolutions for myself. Usually these last about a week anyways. Instead, I’ve come up with a list of the things that I want out of 2015. Some are kind of a big deal, some are small silly desires, but most of these I hope to have accomplished come 2016.

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black background

1. Obviously, I’ve already come up with a list of goals for my blog. You can check those out here.

2. Verizon contract is up in 20 days! You know what that means! ;) New cellular telephone device! I usually like to stick with what I know; I’ve been planning on snagging a deal on the Samsung Galaxy S5, but I’ve also been considering the HTC One. Does anyone have a preference on which of these two you like best? Tell me what you think!! I’m unsure of the Microsoft platform on the HTC, & if someone recommends the iPhone 6 or whichever number they’re up to now, I’m going to scream. Sorry, not sorry; never been a fan of Mac software.

3. Declutter EVERYTHING. Have a yard sale, donate stuff, throw everything unnecessary away. I don’t care how, I just want it done!

4. I would love for Joey & I to move into a new place of our own, & everything that was kept from #3, be put away neatly & organized. I don’t want to have 4 different “junk” drawers & not being able to find a damn thing. Drives me crazy! Okay, maybe one “junk” drawer will be acceptable..

5. After (if) we move into our own place, I want to build this platform bed, obviously found on Pinterest. Metal bed frames & I just don’t get along. The battle of putting one together usually results in a busted up shin & bruises all over. Plus, Layla likes to crawl under beds, & I don’t want to give her that opportunity to be out of my sight.

6. Whether we move or not, I want an office. Desk for my laptop with space to set up a printer, & maybe a book case to start a new collection. (I’m still struggling with e-books & the Kindle app. Maybe someday I’ll grow into it.) Nothing over the top, just simple with a splash of color. What I have in mind, I found on Pinterest, go figure. Since I have you here, I might as well share the link to the Home Design board I’ve put together. I’m probably going to reference it a few more times anyways.

7. I think that getting passports would be a wonderful idea, & Joey agrees! I’d love to travel outside of the U.S. someday, if an opportunity pops up, we’d be able to jump on it as opposed to putting it off because then we’d have to wait until we’ve gotten our passports.

8. Drive home. That long 22 hour drive that I swore I wouldn’t do again unless it was for good. Well, I don’t have the heart to stuff Layla into a little crate to fly without any comfort underneath the plane, but I want the family to meet my little girl!

9. After we’ve already driven so far, we might as well get some use out of those passports. Why not drive an extra 3 hours & explore a little bit of Canada? I’ve been there before, only when I was really little though. I only remember going to the biggest grocery store I’ve ever been in & I’d get the block candy that you could click together like Leggos.

10. Climb Mount Katahdin. All the way this time, straight to the top! If anyone up home wants to join us let me know! Shoot me a message on Facebook to tell me if you’re interested, & I’ll let you know when we’ll be making our way up there!

11. On a serious note, I’d like to turn my new part-time position into a full-time position. Assuming that I’ll be able to dedicate myself to this job they way I have any other, I’m hoping that my hard work won’t go unnoticed.

12. Go on a cruise. I’ve never been on one! Sounds luxurious! ;)

13. Become the master of my own skin. Go away breakouts! It’s getting old! I am determined to find a solution that actually works for me.

14. Drag Joey to a show. Luke Bryan or Five Finger Death Punch is what I’m aiming for, but I WILL make it to a show this year! It’s been so long, I can’t remember what the last one was. Wiz Khalifa & Mac Miller maybe?

15. Living on the coast, I don’t spend nearly enough time in the water. I think diving lessons would be an INCREDIBLE experience! If not, snorkeling around a reef somewhere would be pretty sweet too.

Bring it on 2015! I’m ready for a great year full of new & exciting experiences! What do you want out of 2015? If you have a blog, share a link to your post in a comment below. Or if you’ve created a list of resolutions, share those too!

Don’t forget, I need your opinions from #2 on this list. Which new phone? I’m so indecisive!



8 thoughts on “Any Plans?

  1. My New Years resolution is to start remembering to take my reusable shopping bags INTO the store with me! A feasible resolution AND saving the environment one bag at a time!


  2. Great list, honey. Several made me want to comment. I want to make good memories with my grandchildren. Certainly #1.
    #2–go to Prince Edward Island
    #3–Be able to get car in garage
    #4–finish bathroom
    #5–finish kitchen (painting)
    #6–get windows replaced
    #7–get siding finished
    #8–work on getting pictures organized


    • Viable list Nan! I think it’d be easier to organize your photos on the computer as opposed to the iPad. I’m not even going to recognize the inside of your house next time I’m home!


  3. Nice list and it sounds to me like most of it is completely doable. #5 is the one that made me come here to comment. We had a platform made for our mattress because we could never find a frame the right height for me and I absolutely hated having to actually climb up into my bed (you can relate, but you’re waaaaaaaay younger!). Anyway, instead of having it solid to the floor, we had big rolling drawers made, 2 on either side that nearly meet in the middle. They hold our blankets, some of our extra pillows and are even big enough for our queen size comforters. They’re on good quality casters, so I don’t have any problem rolling them in and out and no way Layla could get under from the sides. We do have a gap at the bottom of the bed, but only because we didn’t need to have it blocked off to keep any pups out – screwing a board across it would take 2 minutes. Oh, and we also have a 1″ lip all the way around to keep the mattress from sliding off. Just something to think about!


  4. Love your blog Alexxa, you are such a great writer! Fabulous goals, I love them all + think it is awesooooome that you + Joey want to get passports! Decluttering is one of my favorite things to do, you guys should have a garage sale, make some extra $$$ + use it to get your passports:-) Give Layla kisses for me! xo


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