Perfect Gifts For The 20 Something

Let’s face it; gift giving is no easy task. I know I sometimes always struggle to come up with something perfect for everyone. My family always seems to get it absolutely perfect. Every. Single. Year. Inspired by my incredible family, here’s some pretty good ideas the next time you’re racking your brain to come up with something last minute, or trying to get ahead of the game. I guess this could also be considered a preview to how awesome & loving my family truly is. <3


I’ve always given my Grammie candles every Christmas. I am now starting to understand why they are such a great gift. I’ve grown rather fond of candles myself, it’s actually become quite the obsession. I ALWAYS seem to have a candle burning. If not a candle, one, or three, of my scentsy warmers. Like i said: ALWAYS.


I’ve always liked coffee, but after the past two years, I finally get it. I remember just taking the trip up to Dunkin’ randomly just because I WANTED the new promo flavor that was being offered. Now? Unless I plan on laying in bed all day, to groggy to even bother, gotta have that coffee. So weird, like I can feel myself turning into an adult now. I now understand the whole “don’t talk to me, I haven’t had my coffee yet”. Now I can even take my coffee with me & it fits in the cup holder of my car! I never in a million years thought a coffee mug would excite me so much.


A little something from home. Sometimes the littlest things touch so close to the heart. I had to run out almost immediately to pick up some pancake mix!


We gotta stay fabulous somehow! I’m really excited for the dry shampoo trick!


Something to remind you how much you’re loved. To infinity & beyond! <3


This little sign just fits so perfectly. I absolutely love it! Plus it will look great with the decor plans that I have in mind for when (if) we move.

Also, what I have failed to take pictures of, the necessities. Always helpful & definitely always appreciated! You know what I’m talking about. The toothbrushes, deodorant, stick on fingernails, candy, fun socks, wireless mouse for the laptop, etc. Did I forget to mention chocolate? Any chocoholic hasn’t lived until they’ve tried the Lindt Excellence dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. Seriously. Go indulge, right now!

I can’t forget gift cards. Gift cards are probably the safest way to go being so far away. Especially the ones to grocery/department stores to help out with the home stuff. But don’t get me wrong, the gift cards to clothing stores definitely are a plus too considering any money given to buy myself a gift usually just goes towards bills. Sometimes I wish I was slightly less responsible. Bah! Just kidding! I’m better off not being in a debt hole! lol

Again, a big thanks to my awesome family! Love you all so much & hope to be able to make a visit as soon as I’m comfortable taking time away from my new position!



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