What Now?

I wouldn’t say that I am burnt out, sick of it, or even over it. I just flat out, don’t have any idea what to write. Obviously, it’s been what, five days now? I’ve been reading blog after blog, impressed & unimpressed, & at this point I just really haven’t got a clue. Everyone is posting about beauty & make up, & I honestly, would rather find blogging friends that just like to post about themselves & what they’re up to. I’ve found a ridiculous amount of blogs that are about fashion & beauty but that’s really not really my thing. Unless someone has a post on, “How To Remove Breakouts Over Night”, or “This Is The Difference Between Cover up, Concealer, & Foundation”, I really don’t need to know the rest. I’ve learned which eyeliner works best & lasts longer, which is all I really use anyways. But please, if someone has a video tutorial on cover up, concealer, or foundation, PLEASE, I am begging you, leave your link in a comment below, along with the make up brand of your choice. Or just your blog review, whatever, I for the most part read them anyways. If it’s legitimate, you’ll earn a follower right here.

Other than that, honestly, panty hose has been my biggest concern lately. I’ve learned a couple things about panty hose the past couple of days. I’ve done like, four different searches on panty hose, but to find the confirmation on my searches, I had to call my nana. Since I have started my job, where panty hose is a must, unfortunately, I have learned the hard way, that you do not, I repeat, DO NOT, put panty hose through he wash with your regular laundry. At $7 per pair, for a decent pair might I add, that they are not worth wearing once, to have them completely destroyed by your own washing machine. & then the dryer. I mean, if you flat out just don’t care go for it! But to look professional at your new job, I’m sure you would not be a fan of snags & runs all down your legs after paying seven freaking dollars for one pair of panty hose, that you have only worn once.

Tips I’ve learned about panty hose in the past few weeks:

1. Yes, the $7 pair is better than the $2 pair. They are softer, & don’t seem to bunch (too badly) at your ankles if you’re a shortie like me. Although, don’t get me wrong here, finding panty hose is a pretty hard task. You can find fashion tights anywhere, but in a professional world, those aren’t allowed. I know; I’m not happy about it either. Try Target.

2. If you have animals in your home, take them off the SECOND (you might have a minute or two if you crate train you’re dog) you step inside you’re home. I am always SO happy to see my Layla & anxious to say “HI BABY!” to my little girl when I get home; & so irritated after my $7 panty hose is shredded after her own excitement to say “Hi mumma! I thought you were never coming back! IloveyouIloveyouIloveyousomuch!!”, but who could stay mad at this adorable face? (Yes, I had to include an adorable picture of my baby SOMEWHERE in this post!)

layla, pitbull

3. Also to prevent those snags, use plenty of lotion & make sure your finger nails are trimmed. Your jewelry could also cause those unwanted snags. I learned this the hard way. Growing up way up north, I have gotten used to the dry cracked fingernail beds. It was three weeks ago when I wore a skirt to training when I realized that I was unable to touch my own leg without resulting in a new snag. I was so mad. Then the next day, when I put a brand new pair on, my ring got caught & started a fresh new run. I was so not impressed with myself.

4. Hand wash your panty hose. I know! It sounds like the biggest pain, but really, is it more of a pain than spending $7 every time you’re required to wear some? Especially if you’re starting a new job that requires it. I wish I would have known this about six weeks ago. Probably would have saved me about $50. & yes, it took me this long to catch on, & yes, I KNOW, okay?

5. Those pathetic nylon socky things at shoe stores? Use them. They’re obviously the same material as panty hose, & your shoes DO fit differently in those than they do barefoot. I am finding myself unable to walk in my own shoes. I thought I was a 6.5, but I can’t even keep them on me feet at work. How embarrassing! I might have to downsize to a  6. I even used to work at a shoe store for crying out loud! Okay, confession: I might still work there. I have a problem; don’t judge me! I just love shoes! But honestly, what woman doesn’t? For the record, I maintain my addiction accordingly, believe it or not.

If this post has helped anyone for future reference, I would love to hear about it! Also, if you have your own ridiculous story, share that too! I’ve heard that using you’re blow dryer works really well when you’re in a hurry, but I haven’t yet used this method, but I’m sure it’ll be attempted at some point.



3 thoughts on “What Now?

  1. Aunties 2 cents…
    Have you tried washing your panty hose in a bra bag? Hang to dry but better than hand washing! Be careful of the zipper on the bag! PS TJ Maxx and Marshalls have designer hose at descent prices!


  2. Auntie triggered my memory. I’m pretty sure I have a crocheted baby sock bag in my stash of “finished” stuff that might work as a pantyhose bag – the holes are larger than a bra bag, but it’s a tie top, so no worries about a zipper. Email me your address, kiddo, and I’ll send it along.


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