1 Out Of 15 Down

I know, it’s been a few days. I was sort of going for the whole, “oh, I’ll wait a day or two until something awesome happens”, kind of thing, but then the whole week just took off on me. I was busy,  & I was so freaking exhausted. Layla got her surgery this week; no puppies for my puppy. Yes, I was a nervous wreck, wondering if her acting funny was normal & I had to consult the professional dog trainer a time or two. By professional dog trainer, obviously I mean my Auntie. It didn’t take Layla long to get back to normal, except, she prefers to sleep in her puppy palace at night now.. So weird but if I can have that much more space in my own bed, so be it! Not complaining!

Also, I’ve added the finishing touch to Layla’s treat jar. I am so impressed with myself it’s really ridiculous; I only added a bow. Do you know how hard it is to tie a perfect bow? I should really super glue it before it somehow becomes untied. The ribbon I found though, you know the Target clearance when you first walk in? Bingo! Only $1. I’m pretty sure that is my favorite part of the entire store.


I’m proud to state, that this week, I am able to cross my first goal off the list I have made for myself for 2015. Number eleven to be exact. The company that I am newly employed with has offered to increase my hours to make me a full time employee! I’m ecstatic! Plus it will be that much easier to learn the depths of my job being there on a daily basis, & I STRIVE to do my job properly & to my fullest. Therefore, I have made the tough decision to promote myself at my other job to rewards member instead. It’s tough leaving the first place of stability that I’ve had since I have been in Florida, but I am fully committed to learning the new products & strategies of my new position, while it’s relieving that the company itself consists of the morals & ethics that I personally believe in.


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