Just A Weekend Update (1.24.15)

My new position is making the days fly right on by! By the time I’m home, Joey wants to do this & that, & I’ve lost my time to sit in front of the computer & come up with a solid one topic post. So here are the highlights of how my crazy week went.

First off, I went a little crazy with the retail therapy. It’s been a long time since I’ve just been able to make purchases because I WANT to. I do feel slightly guilty about it, I don’t really know why, but to justify my spending, it was only clothes. Okay, you got me; shoes too. Now that I’m in full time, I decided it would be okay for me to drop a little bit more than I normally would on 4 dresses, 2 sweaters, another pair of dress pants (that I’m going to need to hem, ughh), & 5 pairs of shoes. I’d say it’s practical, since I was rotating only 3 outfits. Plus I’m rather impressed how my shoes match my new dresses.


Little Layla gave me quite the scare this week. Have I ever mentioned how I’m allergic to Florida? I think my baby girl is too. I just wanted 10 minutes to myself so that I could finish folding my laundry basket full of clothes (she’s not as good of a helper as she thinks she is), so I tied her outside. I NEVER leave her out for more than 10 or 15 minutes at a time, & even so, I’m so paranoid that somehow she’ll escape, I check on her every couple of minutes. Well, I caught her digging a huge hole, I swear she was almost to China, so I dragged her back inside & put her in her palace to put the laundry away. When I let her back out 5 minutes later, her entire face was so swollen, like she was attacked by mosquitos. I went outside to check where she was digging, but there wasn’t anything there. No ants, which actually surprised me, there was absolutely nothing! She looked like a Shar-Pei & I was beyond panicked. I can’t imagine what it is she is allergic to, but no more outside playtime for this little girl. We called the vet, & they told us that Benadryl would do the trick, & sure enough, it did. This was a few days ago, & she’s completely fine, incase you were worried, I sure as heck was!


Ugh, my poor baby girl! But turning to a new chapter, Joey & I have discovered the BEST restaurant in town this week. Recently taken over by new management & completely remodeled, it’s really mind blowing. They haven’t done any advertising yet, so I don’t think too many people are aware of the changes. We will definitely be going back soon & I will post pictures of the store front & the beautiful dinner arrangements they present to you.

MY NANA IS COMING!! I’ll be picking my Nana up from the airport on Monday, I’m so excited to see her!! She has some exciting news too, involving the purchase of a new hot rod! Hoping she’ll be able to take me out for a cruise this week on my day off, & of course I’ll be making her try some more sushi from our favorite sushi bar. Who knows what other crazy adventures we’ll find ourselves while she’s here! I can’t wait!



4 thoughts on “Just A Weekend Update (1.24.15)

  1. LJ said she liked it all till the part that said “My NANA is coming”. She didn’t like that. Good post. Is the new restaurant a sushi place? See you SOON!!


    • They do have sushi, but we had an unwrapped bowl that was difficult to eat with chop sticks lol we have to go back & try some of the rolls :) Wednesday dinner?


      • Sounds good but will have to wait till I get there. Weather up here does not look great for Monday and I might be here for an extra day. Will let you know as soon as I know. Think I had better have supper with the folks the first night I am there.


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