Our New Favorite

In last weekends update, I had mentioned that Joey & I have stumbled upon the BEST restaurant in town. Formerly known as Goal Post Grill, the restaurant has been completely remodeled & taken over by new management. It is now known as Smuggler’s Grille. Completely different, elegant environment, & the food not only delicious, but it looks absolutely fabulous too. Joey loves the boat table, go figure. He wants to bring his whole family here so that we have an excuse to reserve the whole boat section for us all.


Joey also asked our waitress if we could meet the chef. To my surprise he came our for a brief meet & greet right before our sushi appetizers were about to hit the table. I can’t remember exactly where he said he was previously cooking, but I guess it was a very fancy, high class restaurant. He uses all fresh ingredients, nothing is ever frozen, & the menu changes briefly every week so there is always a reason to go back & try what’s new. We’ve already been discussing which day next week would be the best to try & bring his parents back.



I knew I’d be thankful that Joey had asked to get a picture with Chef Nick. I also knew this would be a great place to bring my Nana.


If I’m trying to convince people that sushi really is that good, this is the place to go. Above we have rolls of Yellowtail & Scallions along with a Rainbow roll. & Below is the Rigatoni Bolognese, which, I don’t even have enough words in my vocabulary to describe how much I had enjoyed this dish.


If anyone is nearby, & looking for a great place to sit down & have an excellent meal, definitely stop by Smuggler’s Grille! I’m sure you’d be just as impressed!!


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