Focus For February

Can you believe that January is over already? For me, it completely flew right by. Time is completely getting away from me. But on the plus side, I got two things knocked of my list of goals for 2015. Not a bad start. How are your lists & resolutions coming along? I’ve picked out a couple of my own goals to focus on for the month of February. Number 1 from my list of Blog Goals, I’ve decided I’m just going to go ahead & purchase the domain. That’s the cheap & easy part, & then I’ll lean towards the hosting around my birthday.

Also, from the list of Plans For 2015, I’ve decided to buckle down a little bit & focus on goal number 13 from my list. I’ve struggled with my skin since before I can really remember, & I’ve tried EVERYTHING on the market that is supposed to fix it. You name it, I’ve most likely tried it. I’ve also resorted to Pinterest & the home remedies to help, but those didn’t seem to help either.

I’ve even been REALLY good about it lately too; remembering to wash my face both in the morning & at night, & not just when I shower. I’ve also been including the toner & the face lotion too, but it’s making no difference & I’m sick of it. Finally I’ve reached out to Jen. Jen is an aesthetician at Green Body & she has agreed to help me with questions & tips so that I can find the answer that is right for ME.


Number one on her Healthy Skin Commandments (yes you need to check it out, & yes you need to like her page, like, now!) seems simple. I think I will start here while I use up the last of the products that I’ve hoarded over the past year. Once those are all used up, I’m told I may have better luck finding a product worth using at a whole food store, something with natural ingredients that will be less harsh on my skin.

So until then, I will continue with my leftover products twice a day, & begin every morning with a large glass of lemon water. Let’s hope we see a difference!



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