Finding The Comfort Zone

When I first moved to FL & landed my job at the shoe store, I’ve had previous retail experience. From the very first day, I threw myself out there even though I really had no clue if I was doing things the right way. I didn’t care, I wanted to SHINE, I wanted to be the best.

I can’t exactly remember how long it had taken me to catch on; I don’t think it was very long before I really felt comfortable & knowing I was doing my job to the fullest. I wanted more. I strived to learn the store layout, learned many brands & could even pick out a certain shoe by the style name or sometimes, if I was lucky, by just the description. It still wasn’t enough for me. I’ve decided that it was officially time to put those Big Girl Panties on & start looking for something that would give back in return of striving so hard to do my very best at work. Well, I think I’ve found it.

I do believe that I’ve found what I have been looking for, but it is not by ANY means easy. Do not get me wrong here; I had never expected it to be easy at all. My new job is kind of a big deal, & I am not comfortable enough yet to throw myself out there the way that I could at the shoe store. Mistakes before were inevitable, & usually a simple fix. But here? I am so afraid of making a BIG mistake. This place is, like I said, a big deal.

I am learning each & everyday, & my coworkers understand that it will take some time. I do NOT want it to take some time. I want the comfort of the knowledge & I want to be good at my job. I want this NOW. But it is a lot of information to take in, along with new products that come with new features. Becoming comfortable here IS going to take some time, there’s no way around it & it stresses me out a little.

Am I all alone here or has anyone else felt this way about starting a new job? What steps did you take to become more comfortable in your new surroundings?



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