Ever’body Needs a Happy Place

Where do you resort to when you feel like you just need to scream? You know, that one place where your thoughts seem to flow in the correct order instead of a jumbled mess? It may seem odd, but for me, this is usually my own car. Not just my current car, but I’ve felt the same way about the previous ones too. My car (current & past ones) have always been the one thing in my possession that has solely been mine. Even though it seems like a small confined space, I find it comforting. It’s like my own little private area that provides me with more than enough space to do the essential things, like eat, catch up on some paperwork, write blog posts, call family, or even take a nap if necessary. Now thanks to Joey for my awesome Christmas gift, I can get these things done in style while I’m rockin’ my new seat covers! He knows me to well.. I love them so much! Him too. :)


Following up on yesterday’s post about Finding That Comfort Zone, I think it’s safe to say that I have had an AWESOME day at work today. This are still a little bit shaky of course, but it’s such a great feeling when you can tell that your own skills are improving. It’s also a great confidence boost! When your able to perform well & not just you, but your whole team benefits from it, it only makes you want to go harder & come out with more. It’s coming along, but it’s still going to take some time.


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