The New Fad

I’ve been following Helene’s blog for a few months now; since November when I started to become obsessed with the blog world & started my own. In all of the photos of her self, her style is awesome & her lips absolutely POP. If you follow her too, you know what I mean & also know that she includes her obsession with Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in her blog posts every now & again. Since I have been following this blog, I’m noticing lipstick on EVERYONE!! It looks absolutely gorgeous on these ladies & it’s driving me insane!! It’s pathetic, I know,  but I WANT IN ON THIS FAD!! I had to get my own..


I was very happy with my color selection once I got home, & had to immediately try it on. I guess I have to give Joey some credit here; I was stuck between two light pinks & he chose this one. I feel like this was a great color to start with, as it’s not too stand out-ish against my very pale complexion. Maybe once I am a little bit more used to wearing it without worrying about it smudging & little more confident about my skin, I can upgrade to a more popping color. This style just seems to be trending every where lately, & I LOVE it.

Just want to make a shout out to Helene, if you ever stumble across this post, which is probably a long shot, but I owe you a BIG thank you!! You are awesome!! :)

Since I’ve made a reference to my face, I’m happy to say, I’m starting to clear up. Yay! For the most part anyways. The big breakouts are healing & going away, & I’ve only had a few stray issues this week. I don’t know if it’s an increased amount of lemon water or if it’s sticking to my routine that is working, but I also owe Jen a BIG thank you as well!!

Now I just have to figure out how to keep my lips from cracking so I can rock my new lipstick!



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