Adult Decision

Our dryer is beginning to drive me completely insane. I was under the impression, & please, somebody tell me if I am wrong here, that a clothes dryer is not only supposed to dry your clothes, but to remove the lint from them too. Or for the most part. Is that a completely ridiculous assumption? Back home, at my mom’s house, I NEVER had to worry if there was the occasional towel in my load of laundry. I don’t EVER remember it being as big of a deal, or noticeable for that matter. Is something wrong with our dryer? Google hasn’t really answered any of these questions I am presenting here. I was only shown how to do a deep clean to remove most of the lint out of the dryer itself. Because of that being the only thing I could find on the subject, here I go making another assumption that this is my problem & the dryer needs a deep clean.


This is my life. I would love to wash my comforter every week because of the dog, but I usually skip & go every other week because I DREAD this result I get. So this will be my project for the week; to clean my dryer & all of it’s vents. If this doesn’t seem to help, I’m flat out buying a new dryer because I simply cannot handle this anymore.


This is the dryer I have in mind; a Whirlpool with a 4.5 star rating. I’ll probably be getting “THE Look” after this is posted because it’s not a Maytag.. But c’mon! This one has just as good of a rating! (Plus its cheaper!)

What do you think? Time to clean or time to replace? I will most likely end up doing both. Has anyone else been driven mad of this same silly issue? Also, which is better; the lint catcher thingy up on the top of the dryer, or at the bottom where you open the door?


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