Last One

This may be somewhat of a shock to you all, & I am a little sad to announce that this will be my last post here on Keep In Touch. I started this blog back in November without really knowing where it would take me. The original thought was obvious; to keep in touch with family & friends. I feel I have done fairly well keeping you all up to date on the life events, but as I step back & collectively review all of my posts, I realize that my direction is changing & that I may have possibly found a “niche” that I can say I belong to. With that said, I am leaving Keep In Touch behind, as I take a step forward & knock my first two blogging goals off the list.

I’ve made the investment on Monday, & spent all of today getting it ready. The organization is almost done, just some minor add-ons, but it is ready for posts. I’m proud to announce that I now own, & that this is where I will continue sharing life’s unexpected adventures of adulthood. If you are currently following me here at Keep In Touch, please follow the link to alexxasays & add your email under the blog so you don’t miss out. Thanks again for following throughout my learning experience here, & look forward to hearing your thoughts about my new page!!



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