Last One

This may be somewhat of a shock to you all, & I am a little sad to announce that this will be my last post here on Keep In Touch. I started this blog back in November without really knowing where it would take me. The original thought was obvious; to keep in touch with family & friends. I feel I have done fairly well keeping you all up to date on the life events, but as I step back & collectively review all of my posts, I realize that my direction is changing & that I may have possibly found a “niche” that I can say I belong to. With that said, I am leaving Keep In Touch behind, as I take a step forward & knock my first two blogging goals off the list.

I’ve made the investment on Monday, & spent all of today getting it ready. The organization is almost done, just some minor add-ons, but it is ready for posts. I’m proud to announce that I now own, & that this is where I will continue sharing life’s unexpected adventures of adulthood. If you are currently following me here at Keep In Touch, please follow the link to alexxasays & add your email under the blog so you don’t miss out. Thanks again for following throughout my learning experience here, & look forward to hearing your thoughts about my new page!!



Adult Decision

Our dryer is beginning to drive me completely insane. I was under the impression, & please, somebody tell me if I am wrong here, that a clothes dryer is not only supposed to dry your clothes, but to remove the lint from them too. Or for the most part. Is that a completely ridiculous assumption? Back home, at my mom’s house, I NEVER had to worry if there was the occasional towel in my load of laundry. I don’t EVER remember it being as big of a deal, or noticeable for that matter. Is something wrong with our dryer? Google hasn’t really answered any of these questions I am presenting here. I was only shown how to do a deep clean to remove most of the lint out of the dryer itself. Because of that being the only thing I could find on the subject, here I go making another assumption that this is my problem & the dryer needs a deep clean.


This is my life. I would love to wash my comforter every week because of the dog, but I usually skip & go every other week because I DREAD this result I get. So this will be my project for the week; to clean my dryer & all of it’s vents. If this doesn’t seem to help, I’m flat out buying a new dryer because I simply cannot handle this anymore.


This is the dryer I have in mind; a Whirlpool with a 4.5 star rating. I’ll probably be getting “THE Look” after this is posted because it’s not a Maytag.. But c’mon! This one has just as good of a rating! (Plus its cheaper!)

What do you think? Time to clean or time to replace? I will most likely end up doing both. Has anyone else been driven mad of this same silly issue? Also, which is better; the lint catcher thingy up on the top of the dryer, or at the bottom where you open the door?

Valentine’s Day

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of Valentine’s Day, but I don’t think showing affection for the person you love should be limited to one day each year. I’m glad Joey & I have date night often, & that neither of us really feel pressured to go out of our ways to do something we normally wouldn’t do for each other. I know it sounds like I’m completely bashing Valentine’s Day, but I’m really not. We’re still participating & I even bought him a gift.  :)

Valentine’s Day gifts for men really isn’t all that easy. Someday, maybe next year, I’d love to go all out & do all of the cute DIY Valentine’s ideas you can find on Pinterest. Not going to happen this time around! But we do have plans; I wanted to go to the movies, & he wants to go see the new Sponge Bob movie. Sounded like an okay compromise to me!

But until then, Joey has to work, so I’m going to be spending the day hopefully hanging out with my Nana, & my dad flew in last night too! I’m hoping I’ll be able to put Layla’s new training lesson to the test today with them, in hopes that she is going to eventually kick her jumping & nipping habit. Wish us luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Liebster Award!


Yesterday, I had been nominated for the Liebster Award! I would like to thank Natasha from The Sprout Mix for nominating me & allowing me to participate. Natasha’s blog has a bunch of fun learning activities for kids & her tab for Sh*t My Kids Say tab at the top? Bah! Too funny! Definitely check out her site!

I had originally planned for this post to be the continuation of the chain, but I have absolutely NO clue who I should nominate. So if someone would like to participate on the fun, shoot me a message me on Facebook. Oh, & please include the link to your blog too.

The New Fad

I’ve been following Helene’s blog for a few months now; since November when I started to become obsessed with the blog world & started my own. In all of the photos of her self, her style is awesome & her lips absolutely POP. If you follow her too, you know what I mean & also know that she includes her obsession with Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in her blog posts every now & again. Since I have been following this blog, I’m noticing lipstick on EVERYONE!! It looks absolutely gorgeous on these ladies & it’s driving me insane!! It’s pathetic, I know,  but I WANT IN ON THIS FAD!! I had to get my own..


I was very happy with my color selection once I got home, & had to immediately try it on. I guess I have to give Joey some credit here; I was stuck between two light pinks & he chose this one. I feel like this was a great color to start with, as it’s not too stand out-ish against my very pale complexion. Maybe once I am a little bit more used to wearing it without worrying about it smudging & little more confident about my skin, I can upgrade to a more popping color. This style just seems to be trending every where lately, & I LOVE it.

Just want to make a shout out to Helene, if you ever stumble across this post, which is probably a long shot, but I owe you a BIG thank you!! You are awesome!! :)

Since I’ve made a reference to my face, I’m happy to say, I’m starting to clear up. Yay! For the most part anyways. The big breakouts are healing & going away, & I’ve only had a few stray issues this week. I don’t know if it’s an increased amount of lemon water or if it’s sticking to my routine that is working, but I also owe Jen a BIG thank you as well!!

Now I just have to figure out how to keep my lips from cracking so I can rock my new lipstick!