Ever’body Needs a Happy Place

Where do you resort to when you feel like you just need to scream? You know, that one place where your thoughts seem to flow in the correct order instead of a jumbled mess? It may seem odd, but for me, this is usually my own car. Not just my current car, but I’ve felt the same way about the previous ones too. My car (current & past ones) have always been the one thing in my possession that has solely been mine. Even though it seems like a small confined space, I find it comforting. It’s like my own little private area that provides me with more than enough space to do the essential things, like eat, catch up on some paperwork, write blog posts, call family, or even take a nap if necessary. Now thanks to Joey for my awesome Christmas gift, I can get these things done in style while I’m rockin’ my new seat covers! He knows me to well.. I love them so much! Him too. :)


Following up on yesterday’s post about Finding That Comfort Zone, I think it’s safe to say that I have had an AWESOME day at work today. This are still a little bit shaky of course, but it’s such a great feeling when you can tell that your own skills are improving. It’s also a great confidence boost! When your able to perform well & not just you, but your whole team benefits from it, it only makes you want to go harder & come out with more. It’s coming along, but it’s still going to take some time.


Finding The Comfort Zone

When I first moved to FL & landed my job at the shoe store, I’ve had previous retail experience. From the very first day, I threw myself out there even though I really had no clue if I was doing things the right way. I didn’t care, I wanted to SHINE, I wanted to be the best.

I can’t exactly remember how long it had taken me to catch on; I don’t think it was very long before I really felt comfortable & knowing I was doing my job to the fullest. I wanted more. I strived to learn the store layout, learned many brands & could even pick out a certain shoe by the style name or sometimes, if I was lucky, by just the description. It still wasn’t enough for me. I’ve decided that it was officially time to put those Big Girl Panties on & start looking for something that would give back in return of striving so hard to do my very best at work. Well, I think I’ve found it.

I do believe that I’ve found what I have been looking for, but it is not by ANY means easy. Do not get me wrong here; I had never expected it to be easy at all. My new job is kind of a big deal, & I am not comfortable enough yet to throw myself out there the way that I could at the shoe store. Mistakes before were inevitable, & usually a simple fix. But here? I am so afraid of making a BIG mistake. This place is, like I said, a big deal.

I am learning each & everyday, & my coworkers understand that it will take some time. I do NOT want it to take some time. I want the comfort of the knowledge & I want to be good at my job. I want this NOW. But it is a lot of information to take in, along with new products that come with new features. Becoming comfortable here IS going to take some time, there’s no way around it & it stresses me out a little.

Am I all alone here or has anyone else felt this way about starting a new job? What steps did you take to become more comfortable in your new surroundings?


Focus For February

Can you believe that January is over already? For me, it completely flew right by. Time is completely getting away from me. But on the plus side, I got two things knocked of my list of goals for 2015. Not a bad start. How are your lists & resolutions coming along? I’ve picked out a couple of my own goals to focus on for the month of February. Number 1 from my list of Blog Goals, I’ve decided I’m just going to go ahead & purchase the domain. That’s the cheap & easy part, & then I’ll lean towards the hosting around my birthday.

Also, from the list of Plans For 2015, I’ve decided to buckle down a little bit & focus on goal number 13 from my list. I’ve struggled with my skin since before I can really remember, & I’ve tried EVERYTHING on the market that is supposed to fix it. You name it, I’ve most likely tried it. I’ve also resorted to Pinterest & the home remedies to help, but those didn’t seem to help either.

I’ve even been REALLY good about it lately too; remembering to wash my face both in the morning & at night, & not just when I shower. I’ve also been including the toner & the face lotion too, but it’s making no difference & I’m sick of it. Finally I’ve reached out to Jen. Jen is an aesthetician at Green Body & she has agreed to help me with questions & tips so that I can find the answer that is right for ME.


Number one on her Healthy Skin Commandments (yes you need to check it out, & yes you need to like her page, like, now!) seems simple. I think I will start here while I use up the last of the products that I’ve hoarded over the past year. Once those are all used up, I’m told I may have better luck finding a product worth using at a whole food store, something with natural ingredients that will be less harsh on my skin.

So until then, I will continue with my leftover products twice a day, & begin every morning with a large glass of lemon water. Let’s hope we see a difference!


Our New Favorite

In last weekends update, I had mentioned that Joey & I have stumbled upon the BEST restaurant in town. Formerly known as Goal Post Grill, the restaurant has been completely remodeled & taken over by new management. It is now known as Smuggler’s Grille. Completely different, elegant environment, & the food not only delicious, but it looks absolutely fabulous too. Joey loves the boat table, go figure. He wants to bring his whole family here so that we have an excuse to reserve the whole boat section for us all.


Joey also asked our waitress if we could meet the chef. To my surprise he came our for a brief meet & greet right before our sushi appetizers were about to hit the table. I can’t remember exactly where he said he was previously cooking, but I guess it was a very fancy, high class restaurant. He uses all fresh ingredients, nothing is ever frozen, & the menu changes briefly every week so there is always a reason to go back & try what’s new. We’ve already been discussing which day next week would be the best to try & bring his parents back.



I knew I’d be thankful that Joey had asked to get a picture with Chef Nick. I also knew this would be a great place to bring my Nana.


If I’m trying to convince people that sushi really is that good, this is the place to go. Above we have rolls of Yellowtail & Scallions along with a Rainbow roll. & Below is the Rigatoni Bolognese, which, I don’t even have enough words in my vocabulary to describe how much I had enjoyed this dish.


If anyone is nearby, & looking for a great place to sit down & have an excellent meal, definitely stop by Smuggler’s Grille! I’m sure you’d be just as impressed!!

2 Out Of 15 Down

Well, I knocked another goal off of my list for 2015. Number 2, actually. This one wasn’t anything special, but I’ve been wanting it SO BADLY ever since it was released. My Verizon contract was up on Saturday night, & I was so anxious to get into a store & get a new phone. Unfortunately though, I’ve been pulling doubles on Saturdays so that I could maintain my financial stability, & let’s face it, I really don’t want to give up my discount on shoes. So Sunday, we went into Best Buy instead, & only paid $100 for the Samsung Galaxy S5. If Verizon would have been open that late on a Sunday, I would have paid $250, but then get the mail in rebate for $50, so I’m glad the Verizon store was closed. I would have done it too because I was so desperate for a new phone.

I previously had the Samsung Galaxy S3, which to be honest, when I first got it, I was a little bit disappointed. You see, my first smart phone was the S2 (yes, the Galaxy), & it’s been the BEST phone I’ve EVER had. When I moved to Florida, I had to switch carriers to Verizon, so I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon with the iPhone 4. I hated everything about it. Well, not everything I suppose. I actually liked how I could see which phone number my voicemails were left from. Other than that though, I hated it so much that I spent $300 on the S3. Boyyyys was that a big mistake. Don’t get me wrong, it was much better than that dumb iPhone, but still not worth $300. I still liked the S2 the best so far.

My S3 was starting to fall apart. Not literally, but it was almost pointless to even take out of the house, or car I suppose. The battery would only last 4 hours, up to 6 if I was lucky. Always hoping there was no wi-fi that it would constantly try connecting to, even though I’d turned wi-fi off on the phone; it would drain the battery so quickly. It had a mind of it’s own, I swear it. It would do things all by itself, which was really annoying when I actually trying to do something, & often, the screen would just shut off on me requiring me to unlock the screen over & over. On top of the many times it would hang up on people during a call, or make people hang up on me because they couldn’t hear me; my phone was  fan of muting the call so it seemed like I wasn’t even there. So glad I’m done with that.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 though, that visual voicemail feature that I actually liked from the iPhone? Got it, & it’s better! Voice activated Google search, & there’s a health app that I haven’t messed around too much with, but it has a freaking pedometer & heart rate monitor! Say whattt? I’ve also noticed a radio app on there, I’ve only opened it once, but everyone knows Pandora is kind of getting old. Hopefully I don’t have to subscribe to it after a trial period cause it seems like a decent music app so far. It lets me pick a vibe, like “waking up” or “exercising”, & it generates a playlist of music that goes along with the picked vibe. Pretty cool. Also, I’ve noticed on here, there’s an icon that says “Smart Remote”. You’ve got to be kidding me. I haven’t tried it out yet, but this could turn into a fun prank when Joey’s watching golf. Bahaha!

Does anyone else have the Samsung Galaxy S5? What are your opinions?
Or do you prefer an iPhone? Why do you like it so much?
Sorry, I’m hater :)

Last week, I’ve missed some opportunities for some good posts, wahh! I was trying so hard to come up with something too, & then last night it dawned on me! Also, my Great Grammie F gave me a FABULOUS idea too, but I’m going to need to do a little bit of prep work. Time to play catch up & put that new planner to good use!!